Adjusting to a new “normal”

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing "this is an unprecedented time in history," but it truly is. The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed our daily lives, and we've never experienced anything like this before. I feel for everyone who has been laid off or struggling with this isolation. It's a really difficult time, and… Continue reading Adjusting to a new “normal”


How to Live a more Sustainable Life

I'm not sure if living in Kelowna has turned me into a sustainability and tree-loving hippie, or if I've just recently become more self-aware of my impact on the environment. Either way, over the past few years I've made small changes to my lifestyle that have helped to reduce my carbon footprint. It may seem… Continue reading How to Live a more Sustainable Life


Top 5 Brunch Spots in Kelowna

Although Kelowna's brunch scene doesn't compare to my hometown of Calgary, it still has some really great options. Whether you're looking for a casual bite to eat and a cup of coffee, or a more formal sit down brunch with friends, I've compiled my favourite places to go for brunch in Kelowna. Waterfront Cafe -… Continue reading Top 5 Brunch Spots in Kelowna


June BoxyCharm: My Box Variation

I recently subscribed to BoxyCharm, a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you four to five full size makeup and/or skin care products a month. It's around $35 CAD per month, which is a great value considering the price of the products included. I wasn't very impressed with my May box, the only product that… Continue reading June BoxyCharm: My Box Variation