Grandma talks about how she met Grandpa

Four years and eight months ago, Ahmed and I were both at the same birthday party for a mutual friend of ours (Shout-out to Massie and Iman if either of you are reading this post, you both are the reason for our relationship). We had a lot of mutual friends, and my best friend at the time was actually dating Ahmed’s good friend at the time. The funny thing is, because we had the same friend group, this party wasn’t actually our first-time meeting. The first time we met, I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria at our high school and I was doing my math homework. I was doing a multiplication table. You know, those things that you make in third grade so you can learn what 8×9 is (I still couldn’t tell you what that is off the top of my head, I am so bad at math, someone help me).

Ahmed was sitting at the same table, with our friends, and he must have noticed I was struggling with this very basic math. I’m surprised he wanted to date me after this interaction to be honest. He is very good at math. He came over and tried to give me some helpful tips and tricks that I could use to easily fill out the table without punching every number into my calculator. I thanked him for his help, but continued on struggling with math for the rest of my life.

That was the only time that we had talked prior to this party, so we really didn’t know each other well at all. I was hanging out with my best friend and we were about to go to sleep because we were staying the night at the house since it was very far away from where we lived. I decided I wasn’t tired so I went upstairs to see what was going on, and there was Ahmed! Everyone was about to watch a movie so I decided to join them, and Ahmed chose to sit next to me (this was probably the biggest regret of his life because now he’s stuck with me forever. I’m totally kidding. Mostly).

This is the first picture we ever took together on the night we met, it is not our best photo lol

Ahmed was really easy to talk to and we hit it off right away. We watched a scary movie and I remember we were talking through most the movie really loudly, and Ahmed’s friend kept telling us to be quiet. I often think about how if I had stayed downstairs I probably would have never dated him! Fate is real my friends.

After the party, we started texting and we went on our first date, which was at the movies. We saw the movie Divergent, which was actually really good and I’m glad it was our first date even though it was a bit awkward at first and I was worried he would be like, “why is this girl so weird??” But luckily, he thought I was normal, and later, a few months into the relationship when he found out how weird I am, it was too late!

I remember we would sit in the cafeteria at school and play this quiz game on our phones, he was probably laughing because he always chose the “math” category and I got every question wrong

We met on March 22, 2014, and started officially dating on April 5, 2014. In just four months, we’ll have been together for five years, which I still can’t believe because it feels like just yesterday we were in high school and he was asking me to be his date to our graduation. When we started dating, Ahmed was 17, and I had only been 18 for three months. We were so young, and we never could have imagined that four years later we would be living together in Kelowna. It has been a crazy journey. We have lived on opposite sides of the world from each other, graduated university, found our first full-time jobs, lived on our own, away from all of our friends and family, and who knows what will be next! I am really grateful for Ahmed every single day, we are complete opposites of each other, but I think that’s why we work so well. Ahmed is easy-going, flexible, adaptable, and logical. Whereas I am the opposite of all of those things. He teaches me so much and we’ve really matured and grown into the people that we are today because of each other.

Graduating high school together!

Hopefully one day I’ll get to write a blog post titled “grandpa asks grandma to marry him,” (don’t worry mom and dad if you’re reading this, this won’t be happening too soon).

I feel like I could write so much more about how much I admire Ahmed as a person, and how he makes me better and stronger, but I should end the blog post now, my hands are starting to get arthritic from all this typing.

Bye for now,


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