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Grandma Goes Grocery Shopping

This week, I wanted to challenge myself and try to cook as many vegetarian meals as I could! We usually eat meat on a daily basis, but I never crave it or feel like I need to have it with every meal. We always go grocery shopping at Superstore, but we do go to Costco for meat and other items. This week my groceries were about $80, but it usually ranges from $70-120, depending on the week and if we’re buying meat. Grandma is trying to live forever and trying to eat as healthy as possible so hopefully this blog post is interesting and you can get some inspiration for recipes. Watch the video below to see what I got for the week! (The quality is really bad but enjoy anyways lol).

Vegetarian recipes I’m going to try:

Fettuccini with red pepper sauce:

Chili mango salad (I’m going to use brown rice instead of quinoa because I hate quinoa):

Spinach and mushroom naan pizza:

Baked sweet potato with corn and black beans: I’m winging this one with no recipe

Butternut squash ravioli: I’m using this pasta, and just whatever tomato sauce I have in the house

I’ll do an updated post with how the recipes went sometime within the next week! Stay tuned!

That’s all for today,


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