The Best Restaurants in Kelowna

It’s officially been a year since I moved to Kelowna, so I thought I would write a post about all of my favourite places to eat in the city. Although I miss a lot of restaurants back in Calgary, there are some pretty good ones here as well. If you’re a grandma like me and can’t handle spicy food or sushi, this list is for you!

Best places to grab a latte

Naked Cafe

I could write an entire blog post about how much I love the Naked Cafe. It’s a vegan restaurant/cafe, but it’s honestly my favourite place in the whole city. Its menu is impressive, with everything from fully loaded poutine, to perogies, and everything in between. The food (especially its fries!!) is amazing, but the drinks are spectacular. Luckily the Naked Cafe has two locations, and one is right by my work so I’m able to grab a latte to go. My favourite is the Pink London Fog latte. Seriously, if you live in Kelowna, go try it right now. It’s pink and comes with sprinkles on it, what could be better! Anything at the Naked Cafe is so great, but I highly recommend any of their tea lates or coffees.

The pink london fog latte

Bean Scene Cafe

Bean Scene has multiple locations around Kelowna and it has a really great vibe and atmosphere to it. I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve heard it’s really great because they roast their own beans in house! I highly recommend its iced coconut green tea, I get it every time I go there. It also has a really impressive bakery selection and the confetti cookie is so good. Again, anything with sprinkles is the key to my heart.

Best Places for Lunch

Crasian Food Truck

If you can track down this truck at lunch time, you won’t be disappointed! Its sriracha fries and Thai burgers are my absolute favourite things on the menu. The Thai burger is super unique, with peanut sauce and grilled pineapple. The flavours compliment each other so well and it’s delicious. I highly recommend! The staff at the truck are also so friendly and its a great experience.

Dunnenzies Pizza

A Kelowna favourite, Dunnenzies has multiple locations around Kelowna and its the best pizza I’ve had here. Its donair pizza is really good, and so is their chicken pizza. If you stop by at lunch time, you can grab a slice and they’ll warm it up for you, and even cut it in half because they’re so huge! They have a loyalty rewards program and Ahmed goes there so often on his lunch breaks that he’s got a few free slices. Its worth checking out if your in Kelowna and looking for some tasty pizza!

Best Places for Dinner

La Bussola

La Bussola is a fine-dining Italian restaurant that is authentic and delicious. Its pasta is amazing and everything on the menu is so fresh. When we went we were adventurous and tried the special which was squid ink pasta with tuna and it was surprisingly so delicious! This restaurant is on the fancier side, but I highly recommend it for a romantic date night or a family dinner.

Central Kitchen and Bar

Central Kitchen and Bar is just on the edge of downtown Kelowna, with a really small restaurant space. It gets crowded really quickly, but it’s worth the wait! The menu is diverse, ranging from pizza, fish tacos, pasta, basically anything you would want! The atmosphere is cozy once you get inside, and it’s a great place to go with friends. We went with Ahmed’s soccer team and had a really great time. The service was extremely friendly and even though they were busy, it was a nice experience.

Best place for Dessert

Parlour Ice Cream

Parlour has the best ice cream you will ever have in your life. I guarantee it. With local ingredients and exciting flavours, parlour is the only place to go for dessert in Kelowna. The lavender ice cream is on another level. It’s amazing. Strawberry cheesecake, birthday cake and cookies and cream are some other great flavours to try. Parlour is in a perfect location, right by the lake in downtown Kelowna. Ahmed and I love going there for dessert and walking around the lake in the summer time. 10/10!

I hope these recommendations were helpful and if you’re visiting Kelowna this summer, you won’t regret trying any of these places!



3 thoughts on “The Best Restaurants in Kelowna”

  1. For winery restaurants in Kelowna, I would Blu Saffron and Home Block at CedarCreek. The first for the value the second for amazing cuisine.


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