What it’s like Writing for a Living vs. Writing for Fun

I remember being in Junior High and reading all of the Twilight books in the span of a few months. I was obsessed with the series and I dreamed about being a famous author one day. I loved English in high school, and I took one English class in University but I had the most insane professor so I swore I would never take another English class again. She made us do oral presentations where we had to summarize our papers and every time we said “um” or “uh” she would deduct 5 per cent from our grade. It was great! I said “um” 15 times and failed!

Anyways, my first internship was an internal communications role. I was in charge of writing the internal newsletter for the company and interviewing employees from different departments. I loved the writing aspect of it, however, for some reason I convinced myself that I enjoyed event planning more. I ended up working for a company later down the line where I planned 70 events in 8 months, and I lost my mind! I wanted to go back to writing.

In my current role, I actually get paid to write blog posts for the company! It’s my dream job in a lot of ways because writing every day is something I’ll never get tired of. This month alone I’ve written five 800 word articles that will be published on our company’s website. I’m lucky because I have creative freedom with the topics and I also get to interview employees occasionally for blog posts. Writing for a living is different than writing for fun and I wanted to share some of my findings.

When you write for your job, you have deadlines, so you can’t slack off

When I get writers block on my personal blog, I can try to think of a topic for a few days until I find something I want to write about. At work, I don’t have that luxury. I have to publish a blog every Monday, so to stay ahead of the game, I have a lot of saved drafts ready to go. For my personal blog, I usually don’t write posts weeks in advance, although I should start!

The topics you write about at work may not be what your passionate about

My dream job is writing for a beauty or skincare company. I would love to be able to manage web content or social media for a brand like Tarte, or Benefit. I’ve always admired the effort that these company’s put into branding and it would be so amazing to work for them one day. I’m sending this positive energy into the universe right now! Even though currently I don’t write about beauty or skincare, I don’t work within strict style guides or restrictions which makes the writing still enjoyable. I still love having my personal blog because it allows me to write about my interests.

There’s more pressure for your writing to succeed at work

If my personal blog doesn’t get a lot of views, I can forget about it and not face any consequences. At work, when your blog posts drive sales and they don’t perform as well as you had hoped, it can make you feel discouraged. I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself at work to make sure I’m writing the best content, but I know at the end of the day as long as I do my best that’s all that matters.

If you’ve ever considered writing for a career, my advice is to go for it! I still dream about becoming a famous author one day, so who knows, anything is possible! I hope you were able to gain some insight into what it’s like to write for a living versus for fun.



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