Quitting my Job to become an Artist

My passion for art started in the fourth grade. Our assignment was to create a self-portrait. Our teacher took a picture of us and we had to colour in the picture with pastel crayons. Sadly I don’t have a picture of this masterpiece, but I do have the next best thing! This beautiful painting, that I personally think is a spitting-image of myself. Unfortunately, everyone that I’ve showed this painting to has been terrified. Just remember, everyone thought Van Gogh was crazy and look how that turned out!

The art instructor told me it would be a good idea to add green into my skin…. I regret everything

Taking Art Lessons

I recently took a 6 week art class program with the Kelowna Art Gallery and it was a lot of fun. For three hours every Tuesday night I got to relax and be creative. I’ve learnt that I am not an artist, and I should not quit my job to pursue this hobby. However, it’s a lot of fun and I think if I practiced more I could improve. I used to think that being an artist was a natural born talent, and you were either good at it, or you weren’t. Some of my friends I went to school with when I was younger were naturally talented and could draw anything. I’ve learnt that if you practice the techniques enough, anything is possible! I took art class as an option in grade 8 and I was really mad because I actually didn’t want to take art at all, and the art teacher was known to be a bit crazy. I ended up surprising myself and achieving more than I thought I was capable of.


I’ve always been drawn to all forms of creativity. Growing up I was in drama summer camps, guitar lessons, cooking club, you name it! My dream career when I was younger was to become a singer/actress. First of all, I am a terrible singer. A dying parrot singing sounds better than me. I gave up on the actress part as well, although I took drama in high school and always really enjoyed it. Writing for a living allows me to be creative and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to do something that I enjoy. I can’t imagine having a job without some aspect of creativity. Throughout university I worked at a coffee shop and that allowed me to be creative as well by creating unique drink combinations that usually turned out horrible, but it was fun!

I also took several art history classes in university and I absolutely loved them. Sometimes I wish I could go back to school just to learn new things. I could do without the writing papers and taking exams part though.

If you’re passionate about something, you should pursue it in any way that you can, even if its not for a living. I will never be a professional artist, but I enjoy painting as a hobby, and it’s a good way to de-stress. If you’re passionate about numbers (I’m so sorry for you) I really don’t recommend becoming an accountant (just from personal experience), but you should join a math club! Do whatever you can in your spare time to fulfil your desires. Life’s too short!

Art Portfolio

If for some reason a famous artist or museum scout, (Do those exist? What are people who discover artists called?) stumbles across this blog post and wants to put my art in the Louvre, I’m in! Here are my art pieces that I completed in my six week art program. Watch out Picasso.



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