23 Things I learned at 23

Another year older, another year closer to retirement! As a grandma, birthdays are bitter sweet. In some ways, getting older is exciting because it means I’ll have kids within the next several years (I feel like I mention having kids a lot, I’m just really excited to be a mom), but then again it’s not so exciting because I hate getting older. Twenty three was a pretty uneventful age, but I always like to reflect on the past year and the lessons I’ve learned.

1. I learned that Kelowna will always be a home to me.

When I first moved to Kelowna in May of 2018, I thought that it would never feel like my home. I thought it would just be a temporary place and it wouldn’t be able to compare to Calgary. In the past year, I’ve made some really good friends and I feel connected to the city now. Whenever I visit Calgary and come back to Kelowna, it feels like I’m leaving one home and coming back to another, which is really nice.

The view from Knox mountain in Kelowna, I highly recommend this hike if you ever visit

2. I learned that I’m lactose intolerant

I often ignore this and eat dairy anyways and then deeply regret it.

3. I learned that I need to get into a better workout routine

I’ve really struggled with fitness and working out this past year. I used to go to the gym 4-5 days a week but I’ve been slacking. I always have more energy after I work out and I need to get back into a routine.

4. I learned that you don’t have to be miserable at work every day! Who knew!

I started a new job at 23 and it transformed my mental health. I used to work in a really terrible office environment where I was stressed every day and wasn’t able to turn off work once I got home. I lost sleep and cried a lot. I haven’t experienced anything like that in my current job and I’m so happy.

5. I learned that I’m bad at technology (I’m probably just really impatient)

As a twenty-something grandma, it only makes sense that I would be terrible at technology! I need to ask Ahmed to help me change the font size in Word. Okay I’m not that bad, but it’s embarrassing how low my level of tech knowledge is.

6. I learned that I don’t do well without sunlight

Similar to a plant, I require lots of sunlight to be happy. Kelowna is very dark and grey for most of the winter, and frankly, it sucks. Whenever I visit Calgary I’m always so envious of the constant sunshine.

This is what it looks like almost every day

7. I learned that I need to brush up on my sewing skills

Ahmed asked me to sew a button on his shirt and I thought “Sure! That’s easy!” BOY WAS I WRONG. I re-did it about 5 times, and then when I thought I was done, the button didn’t line up with the button hole. Grandmas everywhere would be embarrassed by me.

8. I learned that I need to read books more

I used to read all the time when I was younger, but then when I got into university I stopped. I love reading books and would love any recommendations!

9. I learned that I cannot stay awake for an entire movie

Whenever we watch a movie on Netflix at home, I fall asleep within the first half hour. Every time. Old people problems.

10. I learned that juice has a lot of sugar in it!!!!

I stopped drinking juice at 23. Is my life any better? Not significantly.

11. I learned that life is expensive.

I started living on my own when i was 22 and I never realized how expensive buying groceries every week would be! There must be a solution to this crisis.

12. I learned that time goes by way too fast

13. I learned that I really like cooking and trying new recipes

I try a new recipe at least twice a week, and I’ve been using my instant pot a lot lately. Sometimes I come home from work and I feel exhausted and I don’t want to cook, but as soon as I start I really enjoy it.

Greek lemon potatoes! So yummy!

14. I learned that I can’t sleep in anymore

When I was in high school and university I would almost always sleep in until at least 10 a.m. on the weekends, but now I wake up at 7 a.m. every day, no matter what. Sometimes I’ll stay in bed for a bit but I have to get up and start my day or I feel lazy.

15. I learned that you need to fail

I learned a lot from my failures while I was 23. Especially in my career, I feel like i’ve grown a lot professionally and I’ve come a long way in just a year.

16. I learned that age doesn’t matter once you reach your 20s or 30s

Almost all of my friends are significantly older than me, and some of them even have kids who are the same age as my younger siblings! I feel like because I’m a twenty-something grandma, I relate more to people who are older than me, and that’s okay!

17. I learned that keeping in touch with people takes effort from both sides

I try really hard to keep in touch with all of my friends at home in Calgary, but I learned that you can’t expect people to reach out to you all of the time. I’m bad at texting or messaging people first, but if you want to maintain your friendships you have to put in the effort.

18. I learned that I do not enjoy living on top of a mountain

We’ve had so much snow this year that it’s been really scary driving down the mountain most days. I feel like people don’t really understand that we actually live at the top of a very high mountain. It’s a weird concept to understand, but it’s really not ideal let me tell you.

The view from our mountain is very nice though. A rare moment when it was sunny in the winter

19. I learned that I like spending time alone

Ahmed went to Egypt for a month in the fall, and although I did really miss him, I realized that it’s nice to spend time alone every once and a while.

20. I learned that I could live anywhere in the world as long as I have Ahmed with me

Ahmed and I currently live a 7 hour drive away from all of our friends and family. We only get to go home a few times a year, and some days are harder than others. Throughout this journey of living here, I’ve learned that we make a really great team and there’s no one else I could do this with.

21. I learned that I LOVE mushrooms and mustard (not together)

I never liked mushrooms or mustard until this year, how strange! Now if I’m out to eat and I see a mushroom pizza, I have to order it.

22. I learned that every one is on their own unique path in life

I used to constantly compare myself to others, especially my friends who I thought were way ahead of me in life. There’s no right or wrong way to do life and I learnt that as long as you’re happy, you’re on the path that you were meant to be on.

23. I learned that it’s easier than I thought to come up with 23 things!

That’s all for today’s post. This took me three days to write. So the last point wasn’t entirely true. It wasn’t that easy. I can’t wait to see what 24 has in store for me.

1 thought on “23 Things I learned at 23”

  1. I always enjoy reading your thoughts I love ❤️ your writing style it’s both deep and simple keep it up young lovely granmma 🌹


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